the futon shop

the futon shop
2150 cesar chavez
san francisco, CA 94124
United States


The Futon Shop was established in 1976 as the first alternative natural bedding company. Our commitment is promoting chemical-free organic and eco-friendly futon mattresses for the planet to enjoy. Our goal is to provide the most pure and comfortable sleeping surface in the world. Try our futons and you will become a believer!Eco-friendly Natural & Organic Cotton Futon Mattresses
Egyptian Cotton Futon Mattress Collection: features premium materials of Natural & Organic Cotton futon mattresses. We only use Bioflex hybrid foam and memory foam made from soybean oil in these futon mattresses for a premium sleeping experience. Natural latex rubber added to our futon mattresses gives them bounce and support as well as longer life. Going organic for the health of the planet and it’s inhabitants is the right thing to do. If people really understood the connection of environmental damage to their own lives, they would be much more motivated to preserve and protect the environment. Our unique custom hand made futon bed mattresses are created for every night sleep and every day sitting.
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