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Loll Designs
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Every Loll design is sustainably constructed with comfort and longevity in mind. The key elements behind long lasting, quality products are the materials and the craftsmanship from which they are put together. Loll outdoor furniture has both. Loll sustainable furniture is fashioned with superior grade recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE). The HDPE Loll uses has an attractive aesthetic and does not have the look of more common recycled material.Using green products should not entail that you have to sacrifice anything; it should be better in every way than its uneco-friendly counterpart. Unlike most recycled poly chairs and outdoor furniture, Loll Designs are made with a focus on modern design with a contemporary appeal. In some pieces Richlite, a unique environmentally friendly natural wood fiber composite is used. Made from resin saturated paper, this material is also aesthetically appealing and will hold-up in or outdoors with no maintenance. High grade stainless steel fasteners hold everything together forever.Loll Designs modern furniture has the look and feel of fine furniture but at a considerably lower cost and a distinctly better value. At Loll Designs, form without comfort has no function. Every Loll piece is thoughtfully formed to keep you contentedly seated for years. And unlike most wood outdoor furniture, Loll requires no maintenance to sustain your comfort level. Time should be spent enjoying furniture, not moving or maintaining it. Each Loll design has been heavily tested on humans to ensure you will be good to relax indefinitely.
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