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At Haworth, we believe that as business changes and workstyles evolve, workspaces must adapt, too.That's why we've become a champion of adaptable workspace solutions. In addition to being more user-focused and economical, they are also more sustainable, responsible choices. And they help bridge aesthetic objectives and business needs. People are at the heart of every business. By increasing satisfaction and comfort, and supporting a variety of user needs, Haworth products help attract and retain top talent. At the same time, they can effectively enhance performance, helping achieve other business goals.
By making moves, adds, and changes faster and easier, minimizing downtime, reducing the need for new product with every change, and building in energy efficiency, Haworth products make economic sense throughout their lifetimes. There's no "tear it out and start over" mentality here. We look at manufacturing processes, materials sourcing, and opportunities to recycle. But the heart of our philosophy is re-use. Making every component work in multiple ways diverts massive amounts from landfills. Our complete dimensioning and materials integration across product lines provides exceptional design freedom while ensuring that every space attains a cohesive aesthetic that retains its integrity with every configuration.

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